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Eternal Light & Power Company Publishing and Records is a full service company providing studio musicians, mixing, mastering and promotions. We have several services you can choose from to become a part of our team of artists, producers, singer songwriters, authors and performers. Our company was established in 1993 as a non-profit ministry and has grown into a full service television and music production company with divisions in worship services, library services, video and film. We offer instant membership in ICAAPA for awards annually for achievements in your creative specialty. ICAAPA provide Gold Records, Autor Awards and Platinum Records for streaming and views of videos of your creative works. We also provide music publishing and promotion services to get your song heard and increase your chances of being the next Gold or Platinum Record Artist.

Signed Artists: Full Package

As a signed artist doing music for our publishing and record company you will get 50% of all royalties for your streaming music online and radio airplay on AM FM and TV stations. We provide and manage the following:

ICAAPA Membership

Airplay Direct Account for submission to Radio Stations

Playlisting and streaming services including distribution – You must NOT have your own accounts with Spotify or other services like YouTube, we will set those up for you.

Marketing and Promotions

Song Recording and virtual studio

Studio Musicians for your songs (3 song or 10 song album options)

Producer and Art work for singles and albums

Press Release with Artist PR


The total cost of doing all we give you would be over $40,000 with most companies. I recently talked to an Artist who had a great voice, good songs she wrote and had paid $44,000 US Dollars to get a big name company to get her noticed and signed to a label. After 3 years of waiting for the company to do something for her, she had only 84 followers on spotify and was no further in getting bookings, doing shows and had no radio airplay and her streams on services like YouTube and Spotify were by far under 1,000 per song with only 3 releases in 3 years.

Our A & R process is fast and easy. You submit your song to us in Mp3 as a demo (your best song) that shows how good you are and gives us a reason to be joyful about having you work with us. We review your song and approve or reject within a week. Submissions MUST be COPYRIGHTED by you as YOUR WORK both WORDS and MUSIC. If you need help with joining a performance rights royalty agency like ASCAP or BMI you can email us and we will walk you through the steps for you to do that. WE do NOT include the registration fee for ASCAP and or BMI. Last time we checked, it was only $100 to register as a songwriter with either service. ASCAP and or BMI collect royalties for airplay and we will include you in our Publisher link to split royalties via these services as your publisher.

When Approved, we will send you a contract to publish your music and give you the terms of the agreement for 5 years and how many songs we agree to publish in that period of time. Our agreements are NON-EXCLUSIVE as soon as the terms are met by you. In other words, when you complete the songs under agreement as a record company, you will be released to go do other music with another company if you like. Until then, you must be our exclusive artist.

Our VIA AIP package is only $12,700.00 USD and includes 12 to 13 songs for 5 years of royalties on those songs we accept and approve to publish. We will scan the music to insure you have not used other works already published by other songwriters, labels or artists.


You may already be on Spotify and want to just get onto playlist and get more streams for your songs for YouTube or Spotify. We can do that too. We offer a special ICAAPA Gold or Platinum Record program that works like this:

We get your song streamed and viewed on YouTube for a two million reach program for only $2500.00 when your song gets 500,000 or 1,000,000 steams you can apply at ICAAPA for a Gold or Platinum Record award. ICAAPA membership included in this package and we give you resources to promote online while our team spreads the word to get you heard by people world wide. Once your streams are verified by ICAAPA you can pay for your gold or platinum award and display it in your office to show that you are an award winning artist, singer or songwriter.

Most services that offer this type of package to get you to gold and platinum level with your songs charge over $3,000.00 with the least expensive we found online being $3600.00 and you still had to pay for the gold record. We include one gold record or platinum record award, your option, in the $2500.00 price. The new standards are 500,000 streams is Gold and 1,000,000 streams is Platinum. The industy standards at RIAA is that you get 500,000 streams TIMES 10 for each stream count online to replace the old standard of record sales. So you will never qualify for the old 500,000 sales as Streams until you reach 5,000,000 streams and for Platinum 10,000,000 streams. Unless your name is Maria or Adele with a big label you will have to wait years to reach that level and the new standards set by RIAA are not just unrealistic, but grossly unfair to independent artists. That is why was started to award artists with real world success that was the same standard that many stars used before when CD’s or Records were sold in stores to get a Gold or Platinum Record award.

Our Promotion package is organic streams by third party services that use social media, google and facebook adds, and other marketing to add you to playlists and streaming teams around the world to get you the numbers needed to earn back you royalties for the package cost. We can not give you exact numbers of steams because we don’t know who will and who won’t add you to playlists and how many will react by subscribing to your youtube channel. Our goal is to get you to at least 500,000 on one song and 1,000 YouTube subscribers to get monetized. We will target a 2 million reach and have our stream teams and groups online go to work for you to do the best we can. The fees you pay pays them for ad costs, work and their time pushing your songs to get listened to.


When you order both these packages together, you save $200.00 for only $15,000.00 If you paid for just studio time at the Union Musician rate that would be $164 per hour or more. Most songs take up about 5 hours of studio time and musicians cost at Union rate $75 an hour just to show up, not actual recording time, that is time in the studio. To do one song at most professional studios and get promotion for the song, publishing and everything involved including mastering and post production with a producer you would spend about $3000.00 per song. At 12 songs that is $36,000.00 and all you have is a recorded product to sell. Then you have to get a distributor and pay for ads, PR and if you want CD’s made or pay fees for publishing. Our discount price is below 50% of what you would pay with most other services. We are not saying you might not find it cheaper somewhere, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.

To apply for these services above submit your copyrighted song, best song to (remove spaces) Dan @ and we will review your song and if approved you can order our services with the paypal button below. Use the drop down menu to choose you package and we will be in touch. All our services are preformed ONLINE and any contact to complete your contract is done with STEMS from you using MixCraft 9. IF you need an IN STUDIO SESSION for songs to record your part, we do NOT include TRAVEL to our studio. Also we do NOT include any LIVE studio musicians. We have an arrangement with our musicians to hire on a project bases for songs. In this way, we can use the best musicians from anywhere in the world where they have their own studio. IF you are local to the Bradford PA area where our studios are, then we can provide booked time there for you to work with our team on your songs. WE do not include more than 30 hours of actual in studio recording time. For most, 30 hours will be enough to get 13 songs done.

As an added bonus if you get your full package with promotion, we will add your music video to our TV show on Yah’s Way TV weekly broadcast to 236 million people world wide. Songs must be CLEAN , NO CURSE WORDS or RAP that use words that you could not say in church. We do not produce music that uses words like hoe, the N word, the B word or any F word unless it is the word FREE or FREEDOM, LOL. With that said, you can adjust your lyrics as needed before submitting songs. DEMO is fine, it dose not have to be a finished work, just your best song in MP3 format.

What ever your needs are, we can tailor a package to fit your needs within a reasonable amount to help you with your project. for information and to submit songs for review or to answer any questions you may have. If we can not help you, I am sure we can get you in touch with others that can. SEE THE DROP DOWN MEMU BELOW TO SELECT THE SERVICES YOU WANT. We provide ONLINE RADIO AIRPLAY for CLEAN CONTENT SONGS ONLY and VIDEO TV Services to play your music video on our TV show in exchange for your paid donation to our NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. All content must be clean and visuals must not include any R rated or X rated content. You can submit links for songs and videos at the email address above. Please allow us 3 to 5 weeks for completing any project selected and include your instructions and phone number for direct contact to arrage any production.

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