The Studios of Eternal Light & Power Company located in Bradford Pa 16701 provide services in audio, music and video recording, mixing, mastering and production. We have the lastest in digital equipment to produce a polished final product for what ever you may need. Here is a look at what we provide:

We are also a ASCAP and BMI Music publihsing company.

We work with industry professionals with over 30 years experience in the multi-media production business to help master any project into the top quality to publish on any platform or venue.

Do you have a Christian TV Show or Radio Show you want syndicated or full production ? We have relationships with distribution networks to get your podcast, TV or Film onto broadcast networks world wide with streaming on demand access to your fans, viewers and drive up your reach in social media and in popular culture.

Web site design, Video, Audio, Films, Music, Print …. We do it all. That is why we call this PublishMEME. Because everyone wants and needs their own MEME to go as viral as possible world wide. What’s the old saying ? “Anyone can get their 5 minutes of fame”. Here we try to get that 5 minutes for you and perhaps an hour more to make a mark in the world.

So What’s The Cost you ask ?

Since we are a nonprofit organization our costs are lower than what you would find in the industry. For most projects we do not charge an hourly rate but a per-project donation to our Non Profit Org. If we agree to work with you, you may have other 3rd party costs that we do not control. For example, the network may have a charge per show to put you on TV. Those are the costs we can not control. Production and studio costs we can control.

TV and VIDEO Per 15 minutes of tape run time: $145.00

Audio and Music Per song or 30 minutes of voice production mix including voice overs for intro and outro: $125.00

Additional mastering services via associated studios and facilities: $225.00 per song or hour.

One Page business or band, show or product web site: $100.00 plus domain name and hosting costs.

Book in Print production and editing: $325.00 per book comes with a set up with your own publishing company through Amazon services.

Hourly recording studio fees are additional for staff if required for your project: $15.00 per person assistant per hour. this is IF you need a camera operator, audio engineer or other assistant on site during taping or recording and we provide the staff.

Jingle or commercial radio of TV product promotion: 15 Second – $125 30 second $150 – 60 second $300 includes filming and final Mp3 or Mp4 production for bradcast. On Location shoots of video or audio set up is an additional costs of travel and expenses to location. Contact Dan for more information or to book your project today.

Full Christian Broadcast Access world wide for a 30 min. 28:30 run time show is presently subject to change based on avaliable times and slots including services by the network. $7800.00 Network Fees and $285.00 per show. So if you buy an annual contract with the network for 52 shows your total first year contract production and airtime costs is $22,600.00 not including any assistance in camera operations and studio workers at $15.00 per hour. This package subject to avaliablilty in time slots and network scheduling and or other fees for broadcast.

Worship Cast and other licensing services are provided by CSS and is required to broadcast music during your show.

We are a service provided by CYMG UCCMA 501c3 and The Merrick Foundation Org 509a2 NPOs. To contact Dr. Dan email to Dan (remove the space here) due to spam and world wide broadcasts we have to place the space between DAN @ ThinkYah.Org because we do not want our inbox filled with junk.

We can also help you with any other services to distribute your music or films such as CDbaby and Netflix. Contact Dan for more information or to help you with any project.