TV Guests

Yah’s Way TV Guest Services provides booking, scheduling and PR for studio appearences for filming of our broadcasts in our studios in Bradford Pennsylvania. Guest appearence on Yah’s Way TV for special theme shows are arranged to enhance the “Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Perspective” of scriptures, music, praise and worship. Our goals are to reach the world with the true name of Messiah Yahshua and our heavenly father Yah. If your music, book or film is in agreement with this perspective of Messianic Jewish Apoligetics with a Hebrew full bible understanding of the Faith of Israel, then we invite you to make a submission for review by our production team for a guest appearence on Yah’s Way TV.

Submissions Requirements:

  1. A PR lead sheet with proposed questions and answers for on screen interview with Dr. Dan.
  2. An 8 by 10 professional head-shot photo in full color quality.
  3. A link to any video, music video and or film you want to promote on the show.
  4. A Bio of your life, work, ministry and or story on one 8×11 page.
  5. A statement of why your work, book, music or project is important to the Messianic Jewish, sacred name and Hebrew Roots perspective of the Faith of the Bible.
  6. A Copy of your book, product or video in MP4 1920×1080 on a flash drive or CDR.
  7. A website, contact number, mailing address and cell phone direct line to the proposed guest. We understand that you may have a PR agent doing this for you, still we need to talk to you about this appearence due to time constraints and cost of sudio filming and production. Many times you may get delayed with airlines or other issues and we need to be advised in real time so that our staff can improvise if you are delayed.

Send Submissions To: Dr. Dan Merrick, Guest Services, 125 W. Main Street, Smethport PA 16749

Materials submitted will NOT BE RETURNED and will be filed in our guest services files for future potential guests if not accepted for season scheduling. So if you do not hear from us within 3 to 5 weeks from the time we receive your submission, that is not an indication that you will not be booked for appearence at a future date.

Yah’s Way TV does not provide transportation services to or from our studios from your home. You will have to pay and arrange your own long distance travel to our location. If you are booked for a live studio filming segment, you will need to arrive at our studio location 2 hours before filming. You will need to provide your own makeup and powder due to COVID restrictions each guest must have their own supply with them. Camera Lights are bright and can cause visual effects that are not desirable in TV filming. So you will need a good skin match foundation and power you provide. This applies to both men and women.

Hotels: Hotel booking services are provided if you want to stay the night before filming. Yah’s Way TV can assist you in finding a room with an advanced notice that you want to stay the night before your booked filming day.

Remote Guests via Skype or Zoom: During the covid pandemic, we can provide remote hook up to a video interview with a prior arrangement. If for any reason this is best for you, please contact us a guest services or let us know when you are contacted for booking. Our Studios are located in Bradford Pa and other associated productions in Portville NY within 15 miles of our local set.

NO SHOWS” WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENT WILL NOT BE REBOOKED! So it is important that you keep your scheduled filming appointment.

Types of Guests:

We are seeking authors, artists, musicians and vocal preformers of hebrew Messianic Jewish themes to appear on Yah’s Way TV. Ministries and bible teachers or worship leaders who have a love for the Jewish people or have a tie-in to Isreal, foreign missions or community services from a biblical perspective are encouraged to make submissions. If you have a product or service that serves the needs of the Messianic Jewish, Hebrew Roots and Sacred Name Torah observant new covenant Faith based on the Bible, then we want to talk to you about what you are doing for the gospel.

Appearence Release:

Every guest must sign an appearence release which includes your IPI number for any music you will preform or music video we will feature on the broadcast. You must attest to the copyright ownership of your product, music, service or book as an original work by you and provide a US Copyright number and date for rolling credits. Any submission by you must be original copyrighted works that you own all rights under the copyright laws of the United States. Any copyright infringement claim is the sole and total responsibility of the submitter and you must agree to the legal disclosure and statement of legal responsibility as the publisher of this work. Yah’s Way TV Et. Al. is not held liable for any work submitted for which you do not hold all rights and leagal responsibility for any suits, or claims of infrigement under Berne Convention copyright laws. All “fair Use” for NPOs must be disclosed prior to booking and the release must be signed prior to you appearence. Any legal claims shall be the responsibility of the guest and or their company or NPO.

Dan Has Been A Guest:

Dan has been a guest, so he understands what you may be going through with stage fright or butterflies when entering the studio. We will attempt to make your stay with us and on camera experience as easy as possible. Should you have any special needs such as Kosher diets or preferred beverages please let us know in advance and every possible accommodation will be made to make you experience enjoyable. Your interview will be just like visiting with a friend and sharing your music, book or other interest. The filming staff is only 2 or 3 people so relax and enjoy.

Dan has been a guest on TCT TV, Cornerstone Christian Television and on NBC Go for your Dreams show. He has also been a preformer of his songs in live stage and TV appearences as well as in Radio interviews for over 30 years. Do not worry if you make a mistake or have an on camera issue that might embarass you. We can edit out any content that would not enhance your public image or might make you uncomfortable. We film for future aring of our TV show so the filming can be edited unlike live TV.

Dan on “I’m Just Saying” TCT TV
In Show Shot
Dan on “His Place” CTV Pittsburgh PA 1990s
Dan on NBC “Go For Your Dreams” with
Dave Deldotto on location in Hawaii 1980s

If there is anything we can do to help your feel at ease during your appearence as our guest, please do not hesitate to let us know. May Yah Bless you in your work for His Kingdom and we look forward to your submission to appear on Yah’s Way TV.