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Bible Society Volunteer Ambassador

What’s an Ambassador?

An Ambassador attracts attention to our resources and our mission to offer the Bible to the world. Ambassadors do this in their home church and town.  

What would I be doing?

  • Give your time to talk about Bible Society in your church and other local churches where there is an opportunity 
  • Champion Bible Society on your missions committee or to your church leadership, encouraging them to support Bible Society financially each year
  • You’ll be the vital link that provides your church with information about resources we provide and the work we are doing around the globe  
  • Share our magazine Word in Action with churches, friends and contacts that you know. You can share paper or digital copies
  • Use the stories in Word in Action to talk about what we do and its importance. You can share this during a service or add articles to a church newsletter or parish magazine
  • Ask people in your church and churches near you to pray regularly for our mission using Prayer in Action which is available as a paper or digital copy 
  • Help people explore the Bible for themselves more deeply, by pointing them towards articles in Word in Action about our great resources for Christians in this country
  • Encourage your church and churches you know to hold a Bible Society service every year, possibly on Bible Sunday. There are resources available to support you that you will hear about at our regular online and in person Vision Refresh events

What support will I get?

  • Termly Volunteer Newsletter with news and resources for volunteers
  • Stories in the Volunteer Newsletter for you to download and use in your church notice sheet, parish magazine or other publication
  • Termly Word in Action magazine containing latest stories and resources, for you and your church
  • Termly Prayer in Action magazine with articles to share in prayer meetings and use personally
  • Regular online or in person training events to equip and excite you
  • Resources such as PowerPoints, talks and films for you to share with your church

How much of my time is involved?

  • As much as you want to give. Time is precious so we make charity volunteering for Bible Society convenient for you, so that you can enjoy every moment
  • By giving an hour or so a month to share an article from Word in Action in your community, you can make a big difference to people like Tadala in Malawi who long for a Bible of their own
  • Initially, you may need to give time to introducing yourself to churches you don’t attend in your area. After that, they’ll be expecting your brief monthly updates to share with their congregations         
  • We run Vision Refresh events each year and we expect you to attend at least one every 12 months

What’s in it for me?

By joining the team of Bible Society Ambassadors, you’ll be using your skills and experience to offer the Bible to the world. And that’s pretty significant, isn’t it? We hope you’ll see your church and others in your area become inspired and engaged as you share our mission with them.

If you'd like to get involved, simply download our application form and send it back to us at [email protected]


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