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‘I came broken to Bahrain, but God made me whole’

Author: Simon Bartz, 31 May 2024

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Your support means struggling housemaids in the Gulf like these ones about to be baptised get Bibles in their own language and find Jesus. Photo credit: Bible Society in the Gulf

Kanti’s husband walked out on her and their two young daughters in Sri Lanka. She had no means to provide for the children, so she packed up what little she had and headed to the Gulf with her daughters to look for work.

She was just one of countless desperately poor women who arrive in the Gulf from the Indian subcontinent in the hope of making a living as a housemaid. Many who arrive find themselves in a dreadful environment, working long hours for poor pay, and being housed in camps separated from society.

Kanti’s friend invited her to church

‘When I arrived in Bahrain, I was broken on the inside and hardened in my heart due to what life had brought upon me. I used to be angry with everyone all the time,’ says Kanti.

But then a Christian friend invited her to one of the churches in Bahrain that is supported by your kind giving through Bible Society.

‘God spoke to my heart during that very first visit to the church. I could feel a strong call for repentance which I obeyed. I came out from the church service that day as a completely new person on the inside,’ Kanti says.

Now she finds strength in Jesus

‘God helped me to take care of my daughters, send them to school, and see them become mothers themselves. I could not have done all that by myself. Jesus Christ was my beacon and anchor. He gave me the strength to persevere, survive and triumph. I came broken to Bahrain, but God made me whole.’

Ninety per cent of many church congregations in Bahrain are made up of housemaids, many from Sri Lanka. Churches are also attended by migrant workers who are employed as drivers, construction labourers and cleaners.

Kanti is now just like her friend who led her to church for the first time. 

The Bible is changing lives in the Gulf

‘I am committed to share my story with fellow Sri Lankan housemaids because I want them to see the light and find the peace that only Jesus Christ can give,’ she says.

‘I would like to thank the Bible Society supporters who have provided free Bibles in our own language. These Bibles are truly changing lives.’

Thanks to your continuing support, more Bibles and Scripture resources are provided to churches in the Gulf in more than 60 different languages. And you’re also enabling pastors and other church workers to be given Bible training, which is crucial as many of them are inexperienced and new to the faith themselves.

Someone like Kanti is seeking Jesus right now. You can put the Bible in her hands today.

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This story first appeared in Bible Society’s magazine, Word in Action.

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