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General Election 2024: Britain and the Bible

Equipping the Church for the General Election. 

How do I bring my faith to bear on how I vote? How does the Bible help me decide? How should Christians approach the world of politics – or should I even be voting at all? Bible Society has teamed up with Christians in Politics to create resources to help us think through some of these issues. We don’t take sides, but we do want Christians to be salt and light in God’s world – and elections are a time when we know we can make a difference.  

These resources include:

Resources to help you get ready for the General Election

66 Politics – Touring through the Bible

As we approach the General Election, this booklet is designed as a taster for the longer, deeper journey that we hope you and those in your church may want to take this year with the Bible Society and Christians in Politics. Download for free and share it widely at church and among friends (and don't worry about the copyright notice you'll find inside).

66 Politics – Touring through the Bible

Need a physical copy of 66 Politics?

Call us on 01793 418222 to order up to five copies. If you just need one, fill out our form below to order your copy of 66 Politics. A small donation will help us cover printing costs and ensure Bible-based resources like this can reach more people.

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Church leaders: how to explain Christianity and politics to your congregations

Some Christians think Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics at all; some think they should, but aren’t sure how. This downloadable resource lays out the strengths and weaknesses of four different approaches Christians can take to politics. It’s a great resource for church leaders wanting to engage their congregations, and for anyone who’s thinking about how – or even whether – to vote on 4 July.

Download PDF

Christian engagement in politics PDF

General Election 2024 – Britain and the Bible video

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A prayer for the General Election

How can we pray for the forthcoming election while honouring those with whom we might fundamentally disagree? Here are some words focusing on character and the Kingdom of God. 

Download God of all government prayer

Articles to help you get ready for the General Election:

As the inscription (in Latin) on the stone floor of Parliament’s Central Lobby says: ‘Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labour in vain’ (Psalm 127.1)

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