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Bible Society has an active research programme run by a highly qualified team. We undertake original research to offer insights into the nature of faith today, its role in people's lives and its impact across society, and we resource churches and Christian leaders to apply these insights to their mission. We also use our Resonate panel to undertake regular surveys of opinion among Christians. 

Our groundbreaking work on spiritual typology in England and Wales is explored in our Lumino pages, while we are currently undertaking similar research on a global scale in The Patmos Study. Among other recent work is an exploration of the Chinese Church in Britain and the impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on people’s perceptions of the Bible. We've also offered our reflections on the 2021 Census findings on religion .

Our research

The Patmos Study

A groundbreaking global study for a unique moment in mission history. The Patmos Study, Bible Society’s global research project working with Gallup, has already begun to produce insights that will shape conversations and equip churches for a generation.

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Chinese Christianity in Britain: A Booklet of Ten Vignettes

The Chinese Church is now the fastest-growing Church in the UK, according to a new report from Bible Society. It has seen a 28.8 per cent growth in the last two years.

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Mourning Elizabeth: Christianity and the Bible in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

New research by Bible Society shows how the largest scriptural event in history was received by people across England and Wales and what it can tell us about the future of religion in the public sphere.

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Have we overestimated the hostility towards faith in our nation and underestimated the Bible as a tool for mission? Bible Society went to 20,000 people to find out what they thought about Christianity, the Bible and faith. Now you can explore the findings of this landmark survey and better understand your local community.

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Research articles:

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