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Our work

We believe the Bible is God's gift to the world. We want everyone to discover its message for themselves.

Because of that, we translate the Bible and make it accessible in people's heart languages. We bring it into public spaces where its voice can be heard, for instance through the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast or The Pitch film fund. We tell its stories, for instance through the Open the Book programme with primary-age children. We encourage people who've never thought the Bible was for them to explore it for themselves, and see life through a different lens.

Around the world

Overseas, we focus on China, the Middle East and some of the toughest regions of Africa. We translate and distribute the Bible, support literacy programmes and provide study materials.

England and Wales

We're working to increase Christians' Bible confidence and change the conversation about the Bible in culture. We want to open windows in people's minds and offer fresh perspectives on the Bible to them.


Rydym yn cynnig gweithgareddau, adnoddau a'r Beibl yn Gymraeg, yn dathlu cychwyniad Cymdeithas y Beibl yng Nghymru ac yn helpu pobl o bob oed i gydnabod gwerth y Beibl yn y byd heddiw.

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